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This website is fully available in English and French, even if most screen copies on this page are in French. Please note that the English translation is a man made one. It is probably far from perfect but it was not made by Google. You can always tell us what's wrong with it and we will improve it. Also, if you speak an other laguage and are willing to use this service and help us translate it in your own language, even partially, we would be pleased to do it.

This service is free. However it is not a second class service. It includes features which it still is the only one, or was the first one to offer. But if you feel more comfortable paying subscriptions above hundreds or even thousands of euros, dollars or pounds a year, there are plenty of very expensive services to accommodate you. You should nevertheless know that this service is used by flying schools and aeroclubs which have left their previous booking services to choose this one. You too, compare and make your mind.

1. The service

A_ Aircraft reservation

It has been available since 2009 and totals more than 21000 reservations in one year. There is no software to download and install on the club computer. It works online. Therefore availability is maximum, and there is no concern about the club computer being out of order, or its power supply (in case of thunderstorms for exemple) being cut off.
It was especially designed for low speed internet connections, and is ideal to use on 3G linked laptops, pads or smartphones. Lightweight pages : 3 to 4 seconds downloads in the worst conditions; the largest pages being no more than 10 to 15kB! (Apart from the facebook page which may include many pictures) Less than a commercial banner. Why waste your time and money with unnecessarily large downloadings? Of course, it'll be all the faster on a high speed internet connection!
According to Google, the average download time for our pages is 0.3 seconds, making this site faster than 98% of all existing sites in the world.

Plus rapide que 98% des sites connus par Google

A click and drag booking interface directly in the planning (fig. 1). Click (fig.2), drag (fig.3) click again (fig. 4) and save.

fig. 1

fig. 2

fig. 3

fig. 4

Several kinds of plannings : daily (see above), weekly, monthly.

planning hebdomadaire de réservation des avions pour aéro-club planning mensuel de réservation des avions pour aéro-club

It is available H24:

Much more than a simple booking system:

This service is simple and efficient, it has been used by FFA, FFVV and FFPLUM (MLA, motorgliders and planes) French clubs since March 2009.

BookingPilot's accountFlight
the service
AccountingLOG OUT

B_ Pilots accounts management

aperçu du compte pilote en ligne Heures de vol Repartition par appareil

It is an option. You choose to use it or not.


RegistrationTypeCVSeatsPrice/hFlight rulesStatusTime available
before maintenanceenginepropeller
F-VELOJodel65265Day VFRAvailable43 h 17 > 100 H > 100 H
F-BIKEDR 4001203105Day VFRInstruction only2 h 49 > 100 H > 100 H
F-GIRODR 4001604115Night VFRAvailable32 h 2696 H > 100 H
F-TOURSR223004210IFRAvailable23 h 4142 H > 100 H

Please note that since the accounting is made directly on the web server, all modifications are immediately taken into account, and the data (accounts balances, remaining aircraft flight times etc...) are always up to date. This is very different from other systems where the data is uploaded once a week from the club computer, meaning that the data shown by the server can be up to 14 days old.

C_ Besides

For all devices

This service uses only technical features which are available on all devices. No flashplayer for exemple, which is not available on apple products.


To work properly, this service needs javascript and uses cookies. But it works without java and without active X. These are the most common ways used by hackers to hack computers. You can turn them off to protect your device and still use this service. Javascript and cookies are innocuous.


You do not like pages full of advertising? There is only one, a banner appearing on one page to sell books or other aviation related items.

2. Test and initiation

If you are interested in this service, the first step is to try and evaluate it.
Simply contact us. You will be given an access code to the test aeroclub. You can test it for 1 week. An extra week of trial will be granted on request, only if no other test is waiting at this time. Please request the test only if you have enough time in the next 7 days to thoroughly evaluate this service. Otherwise, postpone your test until a better period.

Conditions to use the system

Using the system is completely free, but as a counterpart you have to create 2 links in your own club, school or syndicate website :

  • a link towards this information page ( This link will have to be set from one of these banners (translated in English upon request) which will have to appear in the home page of your site with its original size.
    You can also create a link towards the home page of the reservation system ( But the link towards this information page must still exist. In this case, though, you can choose to use the logo for the home page link instead of using it for the information page link. Thus, you can have a link meant for your members such as "Aircraft booking" where they have to click on the logo to use the reservation service, and an other text link somewhere on your homepage pointing towards this information page.
  • an other link towards Fly in France ( This link can be included in any page of your site, such as a links page.

The service will be shut down if these conditions are not fulfilled any longer.

You will also probably add a third link towards the resa home page for conveniency. (

Easier reservations mean more flights. Let the president of your club know about it.
To request more information.

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